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UNIT with USB type-C

Freitag, 29 Juni, 2018
New configuration of our multifunction connection dock, now with USB type-C
UNIT is our reference item as simple solution, discreet and versatile to be integrated in all type of furniture with special application at libraries and universities. That is why we wanted to take a step further in its possibilities, adding a new element such as the connector USB type-C.

UNIT mit 2 RJ45 Cat.6

Dienstag, 6 März, 2018
Unser multifunktionales Anschlussfeld jetzt neu mit 2 RJ45.

Double USB charger 5V/2A

Mittwoch, 4 Oktober, 2017
New design that incorporates two USB charger 5V/2A in half module.

One of the novelties that we will find in our catalogue "PLAN, PLUG & WORK V.04" is a new USB charger with 2 connectors of 5V/2A each one, in half module size (45x22.5mm).

ORGATECH aid in the Occupational Risks Prevention

Freitag, 25 Januar, 2013

Within our wide range of products for giving service to the offices, we have made a special effort in R & D in our line Orgatech (technical cable organization).

New support for model CUBO

Donnerstag, 13 Juni, 2013
New support clamp type that allows anchoring the model CUBO to the table in surface, allowing assembly and disassembly in a clean and simple way.

Within our product catalog for electrifying the furniture, we have the model CUBO.

Solution for raised floors

Freitag, 31 Mai, 2013
How many times we find offices with recessed floor boxes that do not match the final location of the furniture?. This problem usually ends with the ground full of cables or, in the best case, with electric canalizations.

An office has to be a clean and tidy working environment, avoiding those elements that can cause accidents. Having the ground filled of cables can cause tripping or even falling.

ORGATECH, all well organized.

Donnerstag, 12 April, 2012
Covers, columns, built-in-electrification … and the cables?

The Technical Organisation System of cables ORGATECH, is designed to enable our product to “communicate” with each other and organize all the wiring generated in a workstation.

PRISMA Surface / PRISMA Support

Mittwoch, 11 März, 2015
You know PRISMA. Discover now its two new versions: PRISMA Surface and PRISMA Support.
Following the successful launch of our PRISMA in the last edition of ORGATEC, we introduce now two new versions:
PRISMA Surface

DUPLO Charge point

Mittwoch, 11 März, 2015
Charge point for your laptop and gadgets, specially designed for installation in the waiting rooms of airports, stations, hotels, etc.

PRISMA, work & close.

Mittwoch, 11 März, 2015
Simple, discreet and innovative; a new concept to connect, organise and conceal.

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