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New Website

12 April, 2012
We are delighted to announce the launch of our revamped website.

Following the need of market we decided to give the website a new brand new look. The new site has all the useful information and tools to help you understand better our products and our services, with a nice look and easier format to navigate.

After many years working as a team in an exciting project, we believe that working together with our costumer give always good results.

We have grown our activity as a company, and we have also grown skills set and products. We have also invested extensively in the development of new products and news solutions.

After all this, we think it’s the moment to update our brand and our website, and translate all this experience and collaboration with our costumers to a website with best service and nice format.

Hopefully www.ib-connect.com will be your daily tool to design and give solutions to your projects