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Details that make us different

Details that make us differen | IB Connect

In this web, the information about each product is accompanied with these symbols to indicate certain characteristic or configuration possibilities.

Available in white. Available in white. Configurable multimedia modules. Configurable multimedia.
Compatible with Orgatech. Compatible with Orgatech. Can be manufactured in custom sizes. Custom-made.


White is always a winner
White is always a winner

Offices are becoming less and less overloaded in a search to create working surroundings that are more pleasant to look at. White is the predominant colour in many offices because of its neutrality and luminosity. The great majority of our products can therefore be made entirely white... We do not want to be the only ones to stand out in your office.

Configurable and interchangeable multimedia
Configurable and interchangeable multimedia

What data or multimedia connection do you need at your work station? Needs are never the same for each station. Our products are designed with a modular multimedia connection system, which provides an indispensable flexibility to successfully round off modern office projects. The modular system enables you to switch the communication connector plates quickly and simply, facilitating direct cable connection at the same time, thanks to the direct access.

Everything is connected... What should i do with the blessed cables?
Everything is connected... What should i do with the blessed cables?

ORGATECH is one of the advantages of working with IBConnect. Our patented system makes it possible to organise the cabling, using the space designed in our products and also connecting them to each other by means of a light spine or one of our three organiser models. The result: an orderly, safer and visually clean office. Can anyone offer more?

Multiple of 45, We have it!
Multiple of 45, We have it!

Oh dear!I need an electrification that is not referenced in the catalogue and I don’t know where to find it. We receive more and more enquiries of this type, but don’t worry – we have it!. At IBConnect, not only will you find catalogue products, but when you see the symbol at the head of this text on the data sheet for a certain product, you know that we are capable of projecting the solution to suit your needs.

Different countries or users? No problem

All our products are made with different sockets: schuko, french, italian (10A), danish, swiss (10A/16A), british, american, euro-american, australian and multisocket.

Schuko socket
French socket
Italian socket 10A
Danish socket
Swiss socket 10A
Swiss socket 16A
British socket
American socket
Euro-american socket
Australian socket


We work with all the guarantees

Our products are designed and manufactured in accordance with our quality management system, which is certified under ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards. In addition, they comply with the CE marking in accordance with directive 2014/35/EU and have been tested by certified laboratories in accordance with harmonized regulations.

We spend a lot of time at work; that is why, increasingly, considerable care is taken with the details, especially those which affect our health. Our philosophy leads us to develop products which improve the ergonomics, resulting in clean, tidy, accessible working environments.