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28 Octobre, 2013
Being environmentally correct is not only a question of image, also helps to reduce costs by reducing consumption, better resource management and waste recycling.
13 Juin, 2013
New support clamp type that allows anchoring the model CUBO to the table in surface, allowing assembly and disassembly in a clean and simple way.
31 Mai, 2013
How many times we find offices with recessed floor boxes that do not match the final location of the furniture?. This problem usually ends with the ground full of cables or, in the best case, with electric canalizations.
23 Mai, 2013
“Todo empezó cuando vi la sede de Google. Empecé a buscar más diseños de oficinas pero no encontré un sitio que hiciera una buena recopilación de estos espacios, así que decidí crearlo yo mismo”
23 Mai, 2013
El Saloni regresa dando nueva vida a la Feria de Milán desde hoy martes 9 y hasta el domingo 14 de abril. El lema de esta 52 edición es la innovación; miles de muebles para el hogar, iluminación y productos para oficina se exhibirán por vez primera.
18 Mars, 2013
As part of our policy of continued growth outside our borders, we have visited Colombia as the first point of our landing in Latin America.
28 Janvier, 2013
Our way of life and, especially, our working environment is fundamental to protect our health.
2 Novembre, 2012
Our second consecutive participation at Orgatec has resulted in a resounding success.
12 Avril, 2012
IBCONNECT has prepared this brief visual guide to illustrate how, regardless of the origin; our products can solve the entire process of providing the world of offices and industry with data and connectivity.