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14 Juillet, 2015
The most complete and versatile electrified grommet, now with USB CHARGER.
Since its launching more than 4 years ago, UNIT has been our reference item as simple solution, discreet and versatile to be integrated in all type of furniture with special application at libraries and universities.
At first, its versatility allowed us to incorporate a power socket outlet and any multimedia connector to its role as cable grommet, with the possibility to be replaceable and configurable as any of our products.
Last spring our own USB CHARGER connector (2A, 5V) was created for charging any mobile device. With this new connector we have managed to add the perfect complement to the product UNIT to make it the flagship solution for offices. A cable grommet with reduced dimensions (110mm) , a power socket outlet (for connecting the laptop, for example), and  the USB CHARGER connector (for connecting mobiles or tablets) will solve the connectivity at most operational workstations as the main connecting element for the working tools, or auxiliary desktop connection to our gadgets.

It should also be noted the simplicity of installation along with our product philosophy. It does not require any handling under the desk. You will only need to drill in the table for installing the UNIT, and a screwdriver to secure the adjustable clamps.
Discover UNIT!.