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New catalogue "Program60"

Donnerstag, 23 Januar, 2020
We already have available Program60 catalogue that includes our new ATOM and ORBIT product ranges.

Within the actions for launching our new ATOM and ORBIT product ranges, we present Program60 catalogue.

Kundeninformation SARS-Covid-19 (04/02/20)

Montag, 16 März, 2020
We return to activity on Monday, April 6th, from 7am to 3pm.

Dear partner,

First of all, thank you for the continued trust in our company and team.

NEU USB-C Lademodul ( USB Charger Typ C)

Dienstag, 30 Juni, 2020
Unser neues USB-C Lademodul ist ab sofort für alle Anschlusseinheiten unseres Sortiments verfügbar!

Das neue Lademodul ist erhältlich in einer halben Modulgröße (45 x 22,5 mm). Es erweitert unsere bereits verfügbare USB-Ladetechnologie und gestattet somit den Anschluss USB-C fähiger Geräte an unsere Produkte.

Connectivity for new environments

Donnerstag, 29 Oktober, 2020
Workplaces have evolved demanding greater flexibility and integration of connectivity; and to respond to these needs we have designed Program60.