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Double USB charger 5V/2A

4 October, 2017
New design that incorporates two USB charger 5V/2A in half module.

One of the novelties that we will find in our catalogue "PLAN, PLUG & WORK V.04" is a new USB charger with 2 connectors of 5V/2A each one, in half module size (45x22.5mm).

After a great effort of R & D, we have been able to incorporate a second USB connector to charge devices in the same space that incorporates a single connector until now. In addition, if that were not enough, the power still being 2A for each connector, so we can load two tablets simultaneously.

This new design allows to incorporate this double charger in any reference of our catalogue, maintaining a very competitive price for an element that has become a standard in our day by day.