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UNIT with 2 RJ45 cat.6

6 March, 2018
Our multifunction connection dock now with 2 RJ45.

Since its launching UNIT has been our reference item as simple solution, discreet and versatile to be integrated in all type of furniture with special application at libraries and universities. Especially with the launch of our USB charger, ideal complement to allow in a cable guide of small dimensions the connection for charging the laptop and a mobile or tablet.

This year we have taken a step further and we have given to our UNIT the ideal complement to turn it into the best solution for offices. We have a small cable guide (110mm), with an electrical outlet (for connecting the laptop, for example) and 2 RJ45 cat.6 (for voice and data, for example).

It should also be noted that it does not require any handling under the desk. You will only need to drill in the table (102mm hole) for installing the UNIT, and a screwdriver to secure the adjustable clamps.


¡Discover this new UNIT!.