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On desk connectivity
Its installation system fixed to the surface allows a quick and easy installation, without machinning the table or any additional elements. It has accessories to cover a wide range of table thicknesses up to 55mm.
Program 60
Maximum functionality in 60mm diameter
In our continuous commitment to innovation and design, we take another step forward to approach new work environments. The work spaces have evolved and demand that the electrical and multimedia connectivity must live up the challenge. Program60 offers flexible solutions to adapt to them, offering innovation, design and integration. Discover ATOM and ORBIT.
Compact versatility
Its design and features allow you to combine an outlet with different multimedia elements and USB charging in the minimum possible space; managing to offer a complete connectivity system in a single hole with a diameter of 60mm.
Essence and discretion
Its new concept allows to have different electrical and multimedia connections in a very small space, while we can hide, with its sliding lid, the power socket when it is not in use.
Work & close
Simple, discreet and innovative. A new concept to connect, organise and conceal; ideal for flexible offices and shared work places. Its installation system makes possible to secure it quickly and simply without machining the table. Its rotating lid hides the electrical sockets and multimedia elements when they are not in use. The entire cabling and fixation system are concealed, making it an ideal solution even for glass finishes.
We connect your world

Wherever you look, everything is intertwined, everything is connected. Connected by an invisible energy that moves us on. That moves people. That moves the world. At IB Connect, we connect you to that energy.

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Electrification of spaces (Destacado 1)

Electrification of spaces
Floor, wall or ceiling; no matter where we start
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Electrification of furniture (Destacado 2)

Electrification of furniture
A product for every need
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Orgatech (Destacado 3)

Program 60
Maximum functionality in 60mm diameter

Success case

Pamplona (Navarra) Spain


We enlarge our portfolio of charging components with a new USB charger type A+C in half module 45mm x 22,5mm.