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Design and innovation for comprehensive solutions

At IBConnect we have a long-standing history in the design and manufacture of electrical connectivity, voice, data and multimedia systems in order to offer comprehensive solutions that will meet our customers' needs.

We are particularly committed to research and design in order to obtain high-quality products that will provide solutions to the present and future requirements of the world of office furniture and professional installations.

We always start from the same premise: to make it easier for all our collaborators, such as architects, interior designers and installers, to create workspaces that are more comfortable and functional for the end user.


We design and develop comprehensive solutions for a number of sectors:
  • Workstations.
  • Management offices.
  • Meeting rooms.
  • Laboratories.
  • Universities.
  • Schools.
  • Libraries.
  • Hotels.
  • Public authorities.
  • Industrial sector.


Specialised professionals since 1979

In 1979, Ignacio Busto founded EIB Montajes Eléctricos, directed at meeting the demands created by the considerable industrialisation of Peralta in Navarra. 15 years' later, CEBB Cableados came into being, in response to the growing demand for custom wiring solutions.

The search for an own product line that would allow the group to expand internationally, whilst drawing on its experience in professional electrical installation, led to the foundation of IBConnect, a manufacturer of specialty products for the office environment.

At present, all these companies are well-established and competitive and have achieved a high degree of specialisation and professionalization, after several decades of corporate history.



EIB Montajes Eléctricos was founded in 1979 for the purpose of performing electrical and electromechanical installations for businesses.


CEBB Cableados

CEBB Cableados came into being as a company specialising in custom electrical wiring to meet the demands of the vending and renewable energies sectors.



Facilities covering more than 9,200 square metres, dedicated to offices, production, warehouses and logistics.


Quality and the environment
Our manufacturing systems are certified to ISO9001 and ISO14001


Our 120 kW solar panel system can produce all the energy we consume.


55% of our customers are multinationals, all occupying leading positions in their sectors.



A clear commitment to job creation


Expanding our network and strengthening relationships to continue growing.


Custom manufacturing
Our modern facilities, own developments, locally-sourced suppliers and extensive stock of raw materials, ideally positions us to design and manufacture products that are customised to meet the specifications of each particular project.


Our commitment to innovation has led us to obtain our own patents such as Orgatech, which offers the possibility of organising and interconnecting wiring using the space provided in our products.

Product inspection
Our quality policy requires us to inspect 100% of our products before final delivery to the customer, thereby guaranteeing the quality of all production leaving the plant.

Lead times
Thanks to our flexible production system we can offer lead times of just one week after receipt of a customer's order. In addition, we can schedule monthly or annual deliveries on the agreed date and location.




In order to complete the range of electrical wiring products, the group acquired Cableados ASJE, specialising in precision wiring for electronics and payment media.



2006 marked the start of the development of an own product line which would allow the group to internationalise, drawing on the experience gained in professional electrical installation services. This crystallised in 2008 with the creation of IBConnect as a manufacturer of specialty products for the office environment.



  • Sales in Spain
  • Export


An important network of sales offices, distributors and clients.



In 2010 we were first-time exhibitors at an international fair (ORGATEC), marking a decisive step forward and strengthening our presence in international markets



During this period, we addressed our international expansion. With a view to providing service to our international customers, we established a number of contact points outside Spain, namely three permanent sales offices and eight distributors.



Our facilities in Peralta (Spain) continue growing with the acquisition and adaptation of new spaces, reaching the current 9,200 square meters available now.


Environmental policy

IBConnect considered the quality in its activities and respect for the environment as a strategic and fundamental factors to maintain a high level in the provision of their services.

Our main purpose is to achieve full satisfaction of our clients fulfilling their expectations with the highest quality and causing the least possible environmental impact.

This business strategy will allow us to increase our daily market position and differentiate ourselves from other competitors.

Compliance with applicable laws and regulations on environmental issues and committed to meeting other requirements acquired voluntarily.

Setting goals for continuous improvement of the quality of our services and environmental performance consistent with nature and environmental impacts caused by our activities and this policy will be reviewed annually by management.

Prevention and reduction of environmental impacts of our activities, such as air pollution, noise and waste production as an integral part of our daily work, by optimizing the consumption of natural resources (oil, electricity, etc.) .

The promotion, training and awareness aimed at raising awareness and hold accountable all personnel in quality, satisfaction and customer and environmental protection.

To achieve this, we support our strategy in the Environmental Policy of the organization that includes the following points:

  • 1) Comply with the existing legislation on environmental protection and periodically assess the impact of the activity on the environment, in relation to the provisions in the field of electrical wiring.
  • 2) Establish and make an evaluation plan and continuous improvement in relation to the environment.

This policy must be understood and assumed by all staff of the organization and its employees. It will also be available to anyone who shows interest in it.

The Management undertakes to ensure its implementation and to periodically review its content, adapting it to the nature of their activities and their environmental impacts as well as the overall strategy of the organization.

Quality Policy

IBConnect are an organization dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of electrical connectivity systems, voice, data and multimedia to provide solutions the furniture or office and professional installations.

Our products cover any need for electrification of jobs and a system that makes connections between all the elements are sorted and reduce their visual impact.

Our main goal is to meet the needs of our customers with:

The aim to meet their requirements, through continuous improvement of the effectiveness of our quality management system. To do this all the people who make this organization are aware that continuous improvement of our processes and search for the complete satisfaction of our customers to design products that meet their needs, meeting the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and quality objectives.