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Catalogue "PLAN, PLUG & WORK V.04"

9 Mai, 2017
New version of our General Catalogue with various updates and the inclusion of INTRO2.0
The new version of our General Catalogue maintains the philosophy of providing electrical connectivity for work stations, besides it shows how our efforts are focuss on the design and functionality of products creating  solutions that make your office neat, comfortable and fresh. 
Our Integral Solutions are based on projects fully designed from beginning to end by our team, fullfilling your requirements without the services of any electrical professional.
We have updated the product characteristics, included more references of multimedia connectors and launched the new USB charger with 2 connectors 5V/2A (45*22.5 mm), half a module each.
The reduced space for the USB Charger will increase the connectivity of our products keeping the same dimensions with the same reduced cost.
The big news is the launch of our cutting edge new INTRO2.0 with huge improvements in the design, fixing system and final dimensions.
The INTRO2.0 keeps the versatility of its early design, what not only enables any desired configuration but it also has reduced the length and depth of the product that is only 50mm. This achievement makes much more easy the instalation built-in to partitions.