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Connectivity for new environments

Donnerstag, 29 Oktober, 2020
Workplaces have evolved demanding greater flexibility and integration of connectivity; and to respond to these needs we have designed Program60.


Criteria for workspaces design

Freitag, 7 Februar, 2014
The human factor is becoming increasingly important in the design and planning of workspaces, in which prevail the comfort and welfare of workers, along with a rational use of resources and optimum utilization of available spaces.

The design strategies to develop new office projects or reforms will focus on:

The most unique offices

Freitag, 15 Februar, 2013
"It all started when i saw the Google headquarters. I started looking for more designs office but did not find a place that makes a good collection of these spaces, so i decided to create it myself "


Office Snapshots is a blog dedicated to output the best examples of contemporary office design. Spaces seeking outline new approaches to the work.

White, the symbol of cleanliness.

Donnerstag, 12 April, 2012
Many of the best designers are using white in their furniture. In most cases white is seen as a neutral background, and gives cleanliness to the environment.

IBCONNECT launches all its products line in White, to integrate the electrification perfectly into the design of furniture and in the installation environment.

All product are available completely white, in this way we collaborate in the overall sleekness of workspaces.

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